Choose A Wide Array of Car Transportation Services

To make car shipping effortless for you, we provide a wide range of car transport services to choose from. You have a chance to customize your car transportation experience by selecting open or enclosed trailers as well as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping service. Read more about the benefits of each service and discover which one is the best for you.

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Why Should You Ship Your Vehicle in
Open Car Transport?

Open carrier car shipping or open car transport is the most common auto shipping service. Your vehicle will be transported in open trailers which usually carry up to 10 vehicles. Open car transport is a quick and effective way to ship your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. and our clients love it.

As its name suggests, an open trailer comes without roof and sidewall protection. This means that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during car transportation and you will likely need to wash it after delivery.

However, the safety of your car is never brought into question. Your vehicle will be strapped and secured once we mount it to the open trailer to reduce mobility and vibrations. Our drivers also inspect all the cars before and after shipping and fill out a vehicle inspection sheet.
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Benefits of Open Car Transport

Quick and Efficient

Open auto transport is the most efficient way to transport vehicles. From securing your car to the number of cars an open trailer can house, open carriers account for approximately 90% of all car shipments. If you want to transport your car quickly, open car transport is the way to go.


Transporting a car via professional car shipping companies costs money, but it is a much better alternative to driving thousands of miles. If you want to save some cash and still transport yoru vehicle securely, open trailers are less expensive compared to enclosed trailers.

Perfect For Multiple Cars

Open trailers have a lot of space which is perfect if you are shipping several cars. They can be mounted on one trailer and delivered at the same time to your new home. Also, dealerships that are looking for an effective way to ship cars often opt for open auto transport.

When Should I Use
Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed auto transport is a less-commonly used service in the car shipping industry, but as important as open auto transport. The enclosed trailers aren’t as large as open carriers and can include fewer vehicles.

As its name suggests, an enclosed trailer offers protection against elements. This makes it perfect for new vehicles, modern and classic car models and luxury models. Because it offers extra protection and less capacity, enclosed auto transportation is more expensive. 

The process remains the same as it is the case with open auto transport. The drivers will inspect the vehicle during pickup and delivery and ensure that the car is placed safely inside the enclosed trailer.
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Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport

Protection From Elements

With enclosed transport, your vehicle is shielded from various weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and extreme heat. The protective covering helps maintain the condition of your vehicle, which is especially important if it is a valuable, antique, or a classic car that requires extra care.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Enclosed transport significantly reduces the risk of damage caused by road debris, loose rocks, or other external factors. The enclosed trailer shields your vehicle from potential dings, scratches, or paint chips that can occur during open transport.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your vehicle is being transported in a secure and sheltered environment can provide peace of mind to car owners. Everyone who is transporting a luxury, modern or custom-made sports vehicle and wants ultimate protection should select an enclosed trailer.

9 Questions To Help You Choose
Between Open vs. Enclosed Carrier

A lot of people are inclined to select an enclosed trailer and provide full protection for their cars. It is completely understandable that you want nothing but the best for your four-wheel companion. The truth is that a large majority of cars can do just fine with open trailers. Our experts have compiled a list of questions that will help you choose the car transportation service that suits your needs the most:
01. What type of vehicle do you have?
If you have a brand new vehicle, a classic model, a vintage car or any other valuable 4-wheeler and you want to make sure that you provide extra protection, enclosed auto transport is for you. If you want to transport the car you drive daily, open carriers are better.
02. What is your budget?
Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open auto transport. Think about how much you are willing to pay for car shipment.
03. Do you consider your car an investment?
If you invest in vehicles to sell them or collect them, pick enclosed carriers. On the other hand, cars that are used daily are best transported in open trailers.
04. Are you concerned about elements such as snow, rain or hail?
Snow, rain or hail make your car dirty and can sometimes even cause scratches. But most cars transported in open trailers aren’t exposed longer than a week or two, so this shouldn’t generally be a concern for you. If you want extra protection, you can always pick the enclosed trailer.
05. Are you concerned about dust, dirt and other debris?
Debris can sometimes damage the pain of a car in an open trailer, but this rarely happens. For everyone looking for an absolute peace of mind, an enclosed auto transport is the way to go.
06. Is your car old and/or have a custom or unique paint job?
Old and inoperable vehicles should be transported in open carriers, but vintage cars with a custom paint job (or regular cars with custom paint job) are best transported in enclosed carriers.
07. How urgent is transportation?
The primary factors that determine the speed of transportation are distance, route and the logistics. Most car transport happens with open trailers and open carriers are much easier to find. On the other hand, enclosed trailers pick up fewer vehicles and they might arrive at the destination more quickly. If you need to ship your car quickly, it is best to call our company and see which transport is available at the moment.
08. How important is privacy during transportation?
If you want to protect your vehicle fully from prying eyes, choosing enclosed auto transport is better. This is why most rare and expensive models are transported in enclosed carriers.
09. How many vehicles do you plan to transport?
Open carriers are more practical for multiple vehicles. It costs less and you can load all of the cars onto one carrier. On the other hand, transporting several expensive cars might call for an enclosed transport.
Now that you know what each car transport service entails, you are ready to ship your vehicle. Get a free estimate and contact our Apex Auto Ship to schedule your date.
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What Else Does
Apex Auto Ship Offer?

Open and enclosed auto transport services are only a part of what we do for our clients. We can either pick up your car from a terminal or your doorstep, so let us show you how that works in detail.

Door-To-Door Auto Transport

Benefits of Door-To-Door
Auto Transport


Door-to-door transportation is convenient with little to no effort on your part to get the car ready for pickup. You’ll send us your pickup and delivery destinations and we’ll ensure to send the location to our trucker. We can pick the car in front of your home, your business or any other specific location.


When you choose door-to-door transport, you save a lot of time that you would usually use to reach the nearby terminal. Furthermore, we will deliver your vehicle to your new home and save you the time here as well. If you are busy and don’t want to deal with the shipping process, this is the service to choose.

Tailor-Made Service

Because you have a chance to select a specific pickup and delivery location, you are in charge of your shipment from beginning to end. All you need to do is let our Apex Auto Ship know the locations and we will find you the best possible time and date to ship your vehicle to the exact spot anywhere in the U.S.

Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport

Benefits of Terminal-to-Terminal Transport


Terminal-to-terminal auto transport is less expensive compared to door-to-door transport. By utilizing terminals, our company can optimize our routes and consolidate multiple vehicles onto a single transport carrier. This efficiency helps us reduce overall transportation costs, which means that you also pay less for the car shipping service.


Terminal-to-terminal transport provides greater flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery dates. All you have to do is select one of the available dates and deliver the car to the terminal - leave everything else to us. This is particularly useful if you're not in a rush to transport your car and you are willing to wait for an extra day or two.

Secure Storage

Terminals used for auto transport have secure storage facilities where vehicles can be held temporarily. This can be beneficial if you're unable to receive your vehicle at the destination immediately or if you're traveling and need a secure place for your vehicle. Until you pick it up, your car will remain safe.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle After Choosing Car Shipping Services?

Preparation is key. Once you select the car shipping services from Apex Auto Ship and choose the date of transportation, the next step is to get your car ready.
Wash Your
It is recommended to take photos of your vehicle before our drivers come to pick it up. Having the car relatively clean makes for more accurate images.
Remove Personal
You’re free to store up to 100lbs of stuff in the trunk of your car. However, make sure not to leave valuable or fragile belongings in your car, since we are not liable for damage during transport.
Empty Your
You should have ¼ of fuel in your tank for the pickup. Like your belongings, having a full tank can significantly increase the weight of your car and therefore the price.
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